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Now it has become, “My ex has replaced me in a very public (social media) way. ” , Instagram, Snap Chat, whatever the hell, the ex, the ex’s new partner)…” and when I hear that, I usually say, “Chances are, yes it is.

That is exactly what it is about.” If you’re being slammed by your ex’s social media posts, it’s time to detox from social media until such a time when you can handle it.

To keep the group safe, we do not approve anyone who does not answer the questions OR who JUST joined Facebook. Facebook.com/groups/Getting Past Your Breakup Because Psychology Today proved themselves to be made of a group of cowards, I am republishing all my Psych Today articles on here!!! It reflects me and how I respond to these situations.

We had 10 foot high beamed ceilings and the mirror went from the mantle on the fireplace to the ceiling…and all 5 feet 1 of me climbed up on the HIGHEST ladder to clean the tippity top of the mirror on the off chance he sat somewhere in the dining room where he could see the top of the mirror which might have an errant piece of dust even though I washed the damned mirror every damn Saturday even though he accused me of not doing much of anything.I’ve seen the havoc it plays with those trying to get over a relationship.Continue reading One of the most common questions I receive every single month since I started writing my blog in 2008 is, “My ex has moved on so fast, what do I do?There are many articles on the internet by an array of therapists. I moved out of there 3 months ago after taking a trip to the US to visit family.My mother and I have never really gotten along and the trip was no different.

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