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I would mistake this feeling for having made a mistake in the breakup. Copyright 2006-2017 All Rights Reserved Before you even think about dating or moving onto another relationship, you have to take inventory about your last relationship and figure out what worked, what didn’t and what you need to change in the future. Many of my clients have been involved with pathological narcissists and it is difficult to treat them until they understand, truly understand, what pathological narcissism is.

I would feel overwhelmed and crushed by the onslaught of feelings; I would try to put the relationship back together to avoid the avalanche of turmoil. Ten questions to ask to figure out if your relationship was good for you and what you need to do to change it: , I have been re-reading Dr. The bottom line is that a narcissist is completely incapable of . Any overtures they have made that appear to be love have simply been to get you to admire them.

Now it has become, “My ex has replaced me in a very public (social media) way. ” , Instagram, Snap Chat, whatever the hell, the ex, the ex’s new partner)…” and when I hear that, I usually say, “Chances are, yes it is.

That is exactly what it is about.” If you’re being slammed by your ex’s social media posts, it’s time to detox from social media until such a time when you can handle it.

…anyway…here we were 4 years and 2 girlfriends later…and I was convinced that should I topple and splat all over the floor…it would – again – be – poor poor him.

Continue reading When I was younger, I would break up with someone and be okay for the first day. I would mistake this falling apart for wanting to still be with this person.

There were so many times in my life when I would plead with my ex to put the relationship back together. I once wrote a post here called Being Your Own Therapist and it puts forth the proposition that you need others to check you at the door before you do stupid things like contact your ex looking for answers/closure, but you also need to know how to stop yourself. Yet, because they suffer from feelings of inadequacy, they actually disdain those who admire them. As I write about in my 3-part series on Co-Parenting with the Personality Disordered, going through a divorce and/or child custody/support/visitation with a personality disordered person is a nightmare.

I don’t post much and I don’t read most other people’s posts.

Lately I’ve received a lot of emails and comments on the this blog about breaking up with narcissists.

Copyright 2014 I receive a lot of email and can’t answer them personally so I ask that those who write give me permission to publish the email (with identifying information removed) so that others with similar issues can benefit from the discussion.

that was girlfriend number 1 – four years prior – and my blood splotches were all over the kitchen tiles only because after 7 hours of bleeding and in labor trying to calm a 16 month old and a 5 year old who were sure to watch their mother die in childbirth…I was TIRED of cleaning up the blood that went everywhere I walked…and he said, and I quote WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???

Oh yes…silly me…I had bled all over the kitchen floors while in labor when my husband was coo-cooing with his girlfriend after a long Thanksgiving weekend away from her…poor him…he had to be accosted by my blood all over the damn floor…poor poor him..

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