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specific to Microsoft Word 2016 and not Lotus Notes.You didn't change Lotus Notes, you changed Microsoft Word, and that introduced the issue.The adjustors can create a summary document to print off and get the client to sign.

There's an outside chance you may need to add the following registry entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\ODMA32\ANSIon NT If it's specific to Microsoft Word 2016 and not earlier versions, it'd appear that it's ...

And each item row should have the corresponding values from the column.

How do I Acheive this last option of showing only the corresponding value of each item.

( Looks like they have some software options, I'll include the link below. Thank you all for responding to a previous question that I had, I greatly appreciate the help.

I do have another strange situation that I could use some assistance with.

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I am able to show 5 rows in the view if there are 5 rows in the table. Try this: Add a column with your Item Description, just to the right of your Item Number column. Check the setting "show multiple values on separate rows". Try this on the simplest view, selecting only the docs you want to display, and with only this set of columns, first.

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