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The range of add-ons and special features that this software comes with enables users to enjoy a spam free and fully customisable emailing experience that business professionals in particular are sure to love.

However the large number of tools that Eudora comes with can mean that novice users may have trouble getting to grips with it.

They’d suggest something, I’d try it – and maybe try a few things on my own – but nothing worked. But that didn’t work in October and it didn’t work last night either. Close the error dialogue and open Properties for the affected Persona. Expand that certificate tree in the usual way – click the plus sign next to it. The Certificate Information Manager panel, with the untrusted certificate, will now look something like this: button to close the Certificate Information Manager. After a couple of imports it’s easy to forget the button.

Along the way I cast about for a replacement client and I came up dry. On the Incoming Mail tab (because it’s likely that a receive operation failed first), click the Look at the section called Server Certificates. Keep expanding, drilling down until you see one that’s untrusted. Finally, try to reach the server that rejected the SSL certificate in the first place.

Eudora comes packed with tools that professionals are sure to love and it can be set so that everyone in a company can share the same information and formats instantly in order to utilise uniform business communications.

View full description This is a free email connection that can be set up and used very easily by pros.

You can review, override and add words to your dictionary.It’s always gone the same way: I find none, get tired of searching, and turn my attention to propping the old girl up just a bit longer. It wasn’t my host, and it wasn’t a critical account. This time it affected a multiple accounts on different domains. My Eudora is version running on Windows 8.1 Update 1. Depending on your version(s), you may find differences in the dialogues and steps.One afternoon in October last year one of my email hosts suddenly rejected its SSL certificate. When it does, Eudora offers to trust the new certificate. Via trouble tickets, I went back and forth with the admins at the hosting company for the better part of a month. These were more important to me so I needed a solution. Of note, Eudora has a patched QCSSL.dll, needed since Microsoft made some changes to a library that caused the old client to loop for a Very… I tried to give enough detail that you might find your way. The certificate rejection error looks like this: button and that would be that. You’ll need to go back and follow those steps again. “Only an idiot does the same thing over and over expecting different results.” Well, you’ll notice that the next time through the Certificate Information Manager will show a deeper tree of Server Certificates before you get to the untrusted certificate. You may need to import and add several before achieving success. Sometimes I think I’m the very last Eudora user out there. In fact, if you’ve moved off Eudora and found a decent replacement, I’d love to hear that, too. Drag attachments from an email onto your desktop or from your desktop into an email.You can generate styled text (font, color, size, style, margins, etc.) from the Text menu. Styles are maintained when included in replies and forwarded messages.

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