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So, He is the lord of all matters, assets and even bodies of living beings.Therefore, we can never exercise claim over any item of the world ever for us.If you or I will try hard then we can also meet together. So on the basis of the qualities of the God, as mentioned in Vedas, God is known and when an aspirant follows/obeys the path of Vedas i.e., worship, Ashtang yoga practice, listening of Vedas, Yajyen etc., under guidance of an acharya, then he attains samadhi i.e., realizes God too. If someone believes that God is everywhere then why does he avoid wine, smoking, theft, etc., etc. Actually realization is subject of deep study of Vedas and to observe thereon.Sagunn means with eternal qualities mentioned in Ved mantras because the meaning of Sa Gunn means qualities..

Idea: God is everywhere, being omnipresent, He is present in both non-alive matters and in living beings.

On the other hand, they gather money from devotees in the bags and enjoy luxurious living.

So mere bookish knowledge or lecture will do nothing but will be harmful if the people do not do daily yajyen, name jaap of God, hard practice of Ashtang Yoga, contact with learned acharya of Vedas and yoga philosophy.

However, God has blessed us with human body with all assets, worldly matters etc., to use them with detachment, for the purpose of attaining salvation.

Everybody knows that at last he has to meet with death leaving behind all his family assets etc.

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We have oftenly seen cases of several saints etc., even who study, remember the preach and give long lectures stating that the money, family are not ours, so one must not be greedy and leave the assets, money etc.

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