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Mikkeller is a microbrewery founded in 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark that is based on the so-called "phantom" or "gypsy" ethos; that is, the company does not operate an official brewery and, instead, collaborates with other brewers to produce their recipes or experimental one-off brews.

We are based in Middleton in North Manchester and own JW Lees Brewery, JW Lees Pubs, The Alderley Edge Hotel, The Trearddur Bay Hotel and Willoughby’s Wine Merchants. read more JW Lees is a family brewery company which was founded in 1828.

Pale malt makes up the backbone of the grist with the addition of caramel malts.

American versions will use proportionally more hops than English versions.

The darker colors do not come from dark malts—the lengthy boil results in kettle caramelization of the wort.

The result of the first running from the parti-gyle system (a process where one grist is used to make several beers of progressively weaker strength), Barley Wines are mashed at lower temperatures to allow for a higher amount of fermentable sugars, resulting in a higher alcohol content than Stock Ales.

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Where the style used to commonly weigh in at over 10% ABV, most British Barley wines of the 20th century fell to below 7% ABV.

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