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Chris would soon regret divulging to Emily the code that unlocked his phone.He was supposed to engage in a conference call with a few of the franchise managers of the bookstore chain he was employed by and was awaiting the code he needed to use to dial into their session.It sailed over his head, missing him by mere centimeters and striking the wall directly behind him.Fortunately the cup was made of plastic so it bounced harmlessly off the plaster before clattering onto the wooden floor without breaking.~Emily~ Emily could certainly understand why Chris drew this kind of attention from a younger, more attractive woman.

***** Freaky Fuckday ~Chris~ Chris used reflexes leftover from his old varsity tennis days to duck out of the way of a cup that suddenly came flying through the air towards him.Chris had mistakenly assumed that was the reason for the late-night text message.Instead Emily picked up his phone and stared at the naked form of a young, beautiful blonde with a great ass.He had been a bit doughy around the middle when they first started dating but after working out at the gym daily for the last couple years Chris had become leaner. That never stopped her from complaining about how fat she was getting. It just made Emily so frustrated to see Chris become even more perfect while Emily increasingly grew more overweight, overworked, tired, and underappreciated.A few minutes ago, Chris asked Emily innocently enough to grab his phone for him when he heard the chiming noise indicating he had received a text.

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