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Because of their demand, non-brand manufacturers attempt to cash in on the smartphone craze by creating and selling knock-off products.

These gadgets will be designed to look exactly like your favorite Apple or Samsung product, but they might be completely fake!

Saudi Arabia and UAE can easily be described as places where shopping is a national "sport".

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I know Facebook Messenger, Watsapp etc were banned initially ( I have family calling me from Saudi ) but it seems the ban has been taken away.

While the Associated Press reported that the exact cause of Carrie Fisher’s death …A socialite is a person who is well known in fashionable society and is a constant and regular participant of high-end social activities and entertainment.

Whether it’s because …Only days after he called out civil rights icon John Lewis on Twitter, Donald Trump has shocked the world once more by sitting down with Martin Luther King Jr.’s son at Trump Tower, where the two participated in a prayer and discussion.Both countries have also embraced the shopping-as-entertainment culture.This inspired us to add Egypt into the mix and research how people use their phones while in stores and shopping malls, be that for shopping-related activities or just for entertainment.This is a great resource for finding free sites, and information about how each spiritual group sees dating.That is a hard concept to fathom, considering that we might have thousands of lifetimes to live as continued spirits, and we wouldn't learn as much if we were always with the same people.

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