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As a massive hunt began for the hackers and the NHS declared a 'major incident': The 'Wanna Decryptor' virus, spread via email in what experts called a 'highly co-ordinated and aggressive' attack, locked staff out of their terminals and demanded 0 (£230) worth of the virtual currency bitcoins to release the files on each employee account.

She added: 'Windows XP is not a good platform for keeping your data as secure as the modern ones, because you can't download the effective patches and anti-virus software for defending against viruses.'CQC (Care Quality Commission) does do cyber checks on the NHS trusts, on hospitals when they do their visits, and they will be advising NHS trusts to move to modernise their platforms and I think that after this experience, I would expect them all to move forward with modernising.'Ms Rudd said the UK was a world leader in cyber security, adding: 'So far, all we have seen is patients inconvenienced, some hospitals, some doctors making changes to their daily life.'But the fact is no data has yet been accessed and the NHS are brilliantly managing to weave through this disruption.'Computer expert Lauri Love, who is facing extradition to the US over the alleged theft of data from government computers, said the attack is being powered by a 'top of the range cyber weapon' used by spies in the US.'It appears the cyber attack affected so many computers in the UK in the NHS and in Spain by taking advantage of a very nasty vulnerability in Microsoft Windows, which was dumped by hacking group Shadow Brokers who obtained it from the NSA in America.' Amid a huge row over cyber security flaws in the NHS, Theresa May was forced to reassure the public that their patient records had not been compromised.Hospitals across Britain were paralysed last night after cyber hackers held the NHS to ransom in an unprecedented global attack.Countless operations were cancelled and patients were turned away as 45 NHS organisations and trusts and hundreds of GP surgeries were locked out of their computer systems."I came to college thinking everything would be all fun and games. My suite-mates, did not like me, for reasons I do not know.When they discovered I had a formspring page, they took the chance to say things to me that hit home, and then took actions against me in person.

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