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I know too many people who travel overseas and pay ATM fees and get hit with credit card transaction fees. You didn’t save up all this money in order to give it the banks, right? I want to keep it all for myself, because every avoided fee is more money for food, drinks, and activities.Three years ago (to the day), I wrote about this topic, but since banking rules are constantly changing, I thought it was time to update the article in order to provide more current and in-depth information.

They always charge high ATM fees and offer horrible conversion rates. Most exchange bureaus in airports are so far down the financial food chain they don’t have the clout to offer good exchange rates.

Banking overseas is more than just putting your card in an ATM.

When you travel abroad, banking overseas involves knowing three things: how to avoid paying bank fees, how to eliminate foreign transaction charges, and how to get a good exchange rate.

Here is how you eliminate ALL bank fees when you travel: ATM fees can really add up.

Let’s think about it: While you’re on the road, you will probably withdraw money from an ATM twice a week.

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If you use these cards overseas, you won’t pay 3% and you’ll save a lot of money! There are still other “hidden” bank fees banks you will need to avoid: Every time you use your card overseas, your local bank coverts the transaction into your local currency for billing purposes and takes a little off the top for doing so.

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