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Betty Cooper - It's absolutely impossible not to love Betty.

The blue eyed, blonde seventeen-year-old with the perky tits and voluptuous body is the fantasy of many of the teenage boys in the town of Riverdale High.

However, Reggie's not just after Veronica, he also chases Midge Klump, the girlfriend of REALLY big man on campus, Moose Mason, though his obsession for Midge borders on suicidal, as Moose has as short fuse when it comes to guys even looking at his girl.

Veronica Lodge (not active in this story) - At her best, she's flighty, irresponsible and boy crazy.

Betty, to this day remains a virgin, saving herself for her beau, Archie Andrews. Jughead Jones - To say that Forsythe Pendleton Jones, a.k.a.

Jughead is strange would be one heck of an understatement.

Betty is many things to many people: a warm, vibrant, fun loving girl who lives for the present but thinks of her future; a tomboy with spunk and a lady with polish; an irrepressible free spirit and a responsible young woman, a dreamer and a realist with a heart that's bigger than all outdoors.

Despite playing second fiddle to her best friend, Veronica, Betty never gives up hope that one day, Archie will come to his senses and see that she is the only girl for him. ", and no girl in Riverdale has more fun than Betty.

Other sexual situations includes: (lesbian, gang-bang, M/g, Voyeurism and Bestiality) Also remember, these are comic book characters and so the animals have speaking roles as well.This is none so true as her power over Archie Andrews.she will plot, scheme and cheat relentlessly to win him over from Betty Cooper.In fact, if you were to look up the word "strange" in the dictionary, you'd find a picture of him as an example.As with his friends, he is also seventeen years of age.

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