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Listening to analysts and pundits agonizing over what strategy they need to take to capture or re-capture control is an incorrect response.Both must abandon legacy tactics and do what seems so logical — listen to what the people of this country are saying, represent them as they were elected to do, and stop referring to us as statistics whose lives, well-being and ability to control at the poll are treated as secondary to their political ambitions. Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society. The linguistics of particularity: interpreting superordination in a Javanese text. Goody (ed.) Questions and politeness: strategies in social interaction. Mexican American ethnic labeling: an intrafamiliar and intergenerational analysis. Secondly, Both Republicans and Democrats need to see the Nov.7, 2016, election results as a referendum from the people.

Indexing polyphonous identity in the speech of African American drag queens. Carbaugh (eds.) Narrative and identity: studies in autobiography, self and culture. Paper presented at the meeting of the American Education Research Association, Seattle WA, April. Formation and transmission among Hispanics and other minorities. Universals in language usage: politeness phenomena.

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Drawing on numerous interactional settings (the workplace; medical interviews; education), in a variety of genres (narrative; conversation; interviews), and amongst different communities (immigrants; patients; adolescents; teachers), this revealing volume sheds light on how our social practices can help to shape our identities.

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