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But critics say that this approach takes up a lot of police investigatory time - and the reality is that Sweden has far smaller prostitution problem than the UK.

When local councillors and other prominent citizens planned appropriate ways to celebrate the 1993 Kalgoorlie Centenary, a group of Hay Street sex workers suggested a brothel museum as a fitting tribute to the longstanding contribution of the prostitution industry to the town's economic and social life.

Just as her friend Charlotte must deal with her young daughter's "terrible two's", Carrie must deal with her relationship taking a turn for the worse - Big likes to watch old black-and-white movies on TV and eat take-out food, which prevents Carrie from feeling like the free-wheeling party girl she used to be.

Meanwhile, Miranda copes with a new boss that can't handle an intelligent, powerful woman, and Samantha works a public relations angle that gets the fashionable foursome an all-expense-paid trip to Abu Dhabi.

But she is also wants England and Wales go further, by criminalising paying for sex with someone who is "controlled for another person's gain". He insists he had no idea she had a pimp - but he still ends up in court and is found guilty.

This will be a "strict liability" offence, and ignorance of the circumstances will be no defence in court. In other words, if you go to a prostitute, it doesn't matter whether or not you know that she is being controlled - you will be charged.

Finally, licensing rules will change to subject lapdancing and strip clubs to the same regime as sex shops in an effort to halt their unchecked expansion in city centres.

Most obviously, the sex workers were drawing attention to the hypocrisy of the official disapproval of their industry alongside the open toleration, even encouragement, of the Hay Street brothels as a facility for local men and as a tourist attraction for the town.

It argues that women who want to work together in the sex business should be allowed to do so in safety - and the men who buy their services should not be turned into criminals. The Home Office has had a long and difficult debate over the past four years over prostitution laws.

In 2004 if floated a number of radical solutions including creating "managed areas", regulating off-street prostitution and licensing brothels.

Two years have passed since Carrie Bradshaw finally bagged John "Mr.

Big" Preston, the man she was always meant to be with.

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Ms Smith told the BBC ministers had considered a ban but had ruled it out as there was no public support for such a move.

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