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if men would just give their wives the occasional backhand.Spanking a girl until she starts crying gives her the catharsis she’s seeking, in an environment that is mentally healthy for her.Ms Abbott, a close ally of leader Jeremy Corbyn, said Labour would do so by reversing cuts to capital gains tax.Speaking to ITV about today's crime figures Diane Abbott (pictured during today's interview) attempted to explain Labour's plan for 10,000 extra officers but had to look for help behind the camera (right)But she could not recall the figure and looked desperately off camera for help before being prompted by the reporter.

Not only that, many girls will create drama and start arguments with you as a way of getting you to pay attention to them, same reason why a neglected child will go out of his way to cause trouble.Only when she is forced to directly confront the consequences of her actions will she grow as a woman.Psychological domination is necessary but not sufficient: a good spanking will bring even the most rebellious shrew into line.Deep down, she’s for a man to smack her for being a bad girl.I hope this article helps men and girls better return to their natural sex roles.

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