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Granular Recovery Technology: A term used by Symantec to describe their backup technology, that lets you restore a single item from a large backup job, email from and Exchange backup, or one user from Active Directory.Software with a KMS key must get its activation from a KMS server (installed on its local network) every 180 days.Local Administrator Password Solution: Microsoft Software used to periodically change the local administrator password on machines and set them differently, as defined in Group Policy. Multiple Activation Key: A Microsoft software unlock code, designed to be used multiple times. Application I memorise the layers using the following Mnemonics; Please, Do , Not, Throw, Sausage, Pizza, Away. Organisational Unit: This is a container used in Directories like Active Directory or Novell Directory Services, can be used to hold directory objects like users, servers or printers etc.

A Microsoft Personal Folder File: Usually used by Microsoft Outlook to store mail locally in a file.

Runs over TCP port 3389Storage area Network: A Network of storage/disks that is presented as central storage to many devices.

Subject Alternative Name: These are additional names added to a digital certificate, they are used on web server certificates, and unified communications certificates.

But you will still see this term used in router documentation. Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption: A ‘Man in the Middle’ SSL Exploit that forces communication over SSLv3.

Open Systems Interconnect: Is a conceptual model used to teach/design and build networked systems. Once done the attacker can initiate multiple SSL connections and decrypt the data.

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