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While Browning’s Superposed wasn’t cheap, it was an over-under many Americans could afford.After it was introduced in 1931, it was the two-barrel shotgun more and more American shooters picked when they wanted to own a double.Like Sx Ss, they carry two shells and have different amounts of choke in each barrel.While most over-unders have single triggers, some have two triggers.A few hunters carry will something different, though: A side-by-side or over-under.Like bourbon and scotch, these shotguns do similar things. A side-by-side is a double-barrel shotgun with its barrels attached horizontally.The kickoff of South Dakota’s pheasant season is a big deal.

But these guns have been around for hundreds of years.But even after single-barreled shotguns took over, traditionalists still carried their side-by-sides.It wasn’t until the 1930s that the Sx S’s position as the world’s leading doublegun was challenged, this time by a shotgun with two barrels going the other way. Born in America in 1855, he built his first gun at age 13 and was credited with 128 firearms patents in his lifetime.Fit will have a definite impact on how well you shoot a gun.And if you’re going to be hauling a shotgun around all day, you’re going to notice how heavy it is.

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