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02: The Consequences" is being released under the "Loving Wives" category and is the second installment of a two-part series. 01: The Seduction" was released in January under the "Erotic Couplings" category.

My mind was still reeling -- I'd just made love to the girl who had been haunting my thoughts for the past several months.I thought about the reasons I had married her, and it all came down to one simple reason -- plainly and simply, Jessica was the best person I had ever known."I'm no actor," I thought as I put the car in gear, "she's going to read it all over my face." But what was I to do?" "I see that Jimbo is finally waking from his wet dream slumber..." "I've heard of screwing your way up the corporate ladder -- but I've never heard of screwing someone else OFF of it." "Poor, dear, sweet Jimbo. You were just too pussy-whipped to connect the dots.And speaking of pussy, your attentiveness and innovation were a genuine bonus to my scheme.

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