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I thought about the reasons I had married her, and it all came down to one simple reason -- plainly and simply, Jessica was the best person I had ever known.

"I'm no actor," I thought as I put the car in gear, "she's going to read it all over my face." But what was I to do?

I wrapped up the last of my work, deciding that plans were nearly in good enough shape for me to take some time off between the holidays.

And speaking of pussy, your attentiveness and innovation were a genuine bonus to my scheme." "I said it was beautiful, and there are consequences." "Um, what are you getting at? To see our pubic bones pushed against each other, your auburn thatch grinding against my black forest." "And..." "To kiss your lips while we're screwing like rabbits." "Let me play you a little excerpt from the recorder that I had in my coat pocket today, Jimbo." "What the --? To grab your luscious ass and pull you into me harder.02 "consequences." * Angela's departure after our unexpected office tryst left my mind racing in seemingly a million directions. Was this just an infatuation, or was it something more?What would I tell Jessica -- or would I tell her anything?

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