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A man has had his ear cut off in a knife attack at a German beer festival, according to local reports.

The victim is said to be 45-years-old and had been attending the Oktoberfest at the town of Wolmirstedt in central Germany.

Overall, the EU estimates that between the damage they cause and attempts to control them, invasive species cost more than billion each year.

As 2016 drew to a close, we noticed that many search terms were setting new record highs in search interest.

Security has been much tighter this year following a spate of terror attacks across Germany over the summer.

Authorities erected a new metal fence, banned large bags, installed security cameras and made revellers undergo more rigorous security checks before entering the festival grounds.

The topics ranged from current events (Orlando, Bastille Day) to curious one-offs (nachos, cupping therapy).

The Google News Lab data team was intrigued, so we dug deeper.

A raccoon spotted in Scotland this spring prompted a flurry of concern.

The pair then go on a date and talk about it afterwards.

The participants don't say much about their sex lives - which is disappointingly surprising, given the nature of the show.

We compared each topic’s interest by week dating back to 2004, then filtered down to searches that were higher over a full week this year than at any other time in Google Search history.

We then curated these results to get a representative sample of the top moments in Search over 2016.

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