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Microsoft made a lot of the required functions internal, which means that we cannot access the functions from our own code.By analyzing the steps I was able to add item scheduling on the pages library with the code below.Cancel = true; } } When the name of the planet is changed, the update is canceled and an error message is returned to the user.

Properties["some_persisted_key"] = "Some Value here"; special Item.

When used with the Datasheet view, either unknown or conflict errors would prevent the user from committing any changes to the Share Point List.

Scenario Overview: Custom event handler for a Share Point List with lots of update was supposed to be part of the version that the user just created by updating.

So after some research, here is my solution: This piece of code updates the item without firing the current event handler events, and doing the update using the System Update(false) method ensures that version number doesnt increase and the update is considered as if it was part of the user's update.

I’m developing a site template, which requires item scheduling on the page library.

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Event Receivername, if a single group can be used instead of 1 000 individual users, event Receiver Assembly, the toast will be handled automatically by calling Bind To Shell Toast.

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