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A man of deep emotions and strong values, he defied the establishment, an interstellar government more decadent and indolent than corrupt, while fighting an invading alien race, the Mazone, a race of plant-based yet human-like females intent on reclaiming the Earth, which they had visited in Mayan times.

Harlock was the Captain of the Arcadia, an almost invincible pirate ship with technology and weaponry far superior to that of Earth or even of the alien Mazone.

The two characters became fast friends and Toshiro pledged his life and his ship to Harlock’s cause of defeating the alien invaders.

Harlock defeated the Illumidas reagent in a spaceship duel.

Harlock eventually vanquished the Mazone, destroying their entire fleet and defeating their leader, Queen Lafreisa, in single combat. For many fans, this second installment of Harlock’s adventures was somewhat of a disappointment, since even though the story appeared to happen before the events of the first series, this new story was set in a different continuity from the original series; Harlock was seeing his first reboot.

Most of the characters from the original series were gone, with the exception of Miime, who was rebooted.

Original television series: Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1978) Some of you may not know Harlock, even though he enjoys a worldwide fan base (especially in France and Quebec where he is known as Albator).

But back in 1979, kids in my neighborhood would run home from school, skip piano lessons and shirk their chores to catch the latest episode of filled the void with its inspiring space vistas, impressive battleship designs, kick-ass space battles, engaging characters, and surprisingly (for television at that time) powerful soundtrack with every awesome action-packed weekly 23-minute episode. He had made his first, barely-noticed appearance in in 1953, but he only gained significant exposure and popularity with the release of his original adventures in manga comic format in 1977, shortly followed by the first animated series devoted to his space pirating adventures in television series introduced us to the adventures of the brooding, eyepatch-wearing pirate and his crew of misfits aboard the Arcadia, the most powerful battleship in known space.

The series became such a success in France that its original fans (40 to 50 years old now) are called “la generation Albator” (the Harlock Generation), which also extends to the French Quebecer fan base.

, which was released in the original Japanese last autumn.

While we wait for the English-dubbed version to hit our theaters or DVD stores (fans in France had a nice Christmas gift last year with the December 25 release of the French-dubbed version), let’s go over Captain Harlock’s various incarnations over the three decades since his first breakthrough televised series.

The characters stood out clearly, nuanced and endearing, unlike anything in televised animation at that time.

The series was meant for children, but it introduced themes that appealed to teenagers and young adults as well.

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