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According to the in the US,” Judith Feinberg, MD, WVU School of Medicine, said in the release. But it’s a ticking time bomb for us, especially in rural areas where the local health system’s ability to detect and mitigate an HIV outbreak may not be well developed.” The program is a combination of research, health care services, and community involvement in harm reduction strategies.

We Obtain Tentative Offers We'll take the information you give us above and send it ANONYMOUSLY to the life insurance companies that are most aggressive with Hepatitis C.

Once we receive written responses from all of them, we'll present you with the best option. Which means as long as you were detailed and truthful and the life insurance company doesn't find anything else, this is the rate they HAVE to offer.

It's in writing and we attach it to your application.

At Rootfin, we've helped dozens of consumers with Hepatitis C find affordable rates on life insurance.

In fact, most of our clients were previously declined by another carrier.

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“It also involves developing a novel strategy to rapidly identify communities and use it to target communities at highest risk.

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