High risk hpv and dating

Because Joslyn was so young, her doctor initially recommended waiting to see if the infection would clear up on its own, but this required frequent tests and hospital visits, so Joslyn ended up moving back home midway through her freshman year and commuted to school each day for class. I forced myself everyday to go to class and work to try to obtain some type of normalcy in my life.” At 19, Joslyn learned that she did in fact have a strain of HPV that could develop into cervical cancer, and underwent her first LEEP procedure to remove the part of her cervix containing the infected cells.

For the next couple of years, she continued the frequent doctor’s visits and regular pap smears, which, as a young adult, made dating especially difficult. Though to this day she still doesn’t know how or who she contracted the disease from, she always remained honest about her condition.

HPV and cervical cancer might seem like far away things that could never affect you, but they can hit all too close to home.

One Woman’s Story Starting college is a crazy but exciting time for most of us: unpacking your life into half of a pint-sized dorm room, strategically enrolling in classes that aren’t held on Fridays, and meeting hundreds (or thousands! So what would you do if, after your very first weekend on campus, your doctor called and diagnosed you with HPV?

This time, Joslyn was even more nervous about the doctors being able to remove all of the infected cells, since she thought they had all been eliminated during her first procedure.Thankfully, her last procedure indicated that though the HPV was back, the detected strain was not cancerous.After being plagued by doctor’s appointments, tests, and medical procedures for years while simultaneously trying to be a normal college student, plan for her wedding, and enjoy life as a newlywed, Joslyn is proud to say today that she is cancer-free. Just got my 3rd cyro treatment after trying Aldara for 7 weeks Kinda happy to not have to look at these thinfs for awhile!: D I hope you are all doing well and keeping your heads up!

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It only takes one partner to contract the disease.” Another common misconception is that HPV only affects women, when it reality it does also affect men and can lead to other types of genital cancers.

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