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Meanwhile, Shinji is on his way to school, but a giant bird perches on a power line Shinji is standing under, and defecates on Shinji, burying him in a pile of excrement taller than he is.

Rei 2 then runs like the wind to get to school on time, zipping by Shinji so fast that the shockwave blasts all of the excrement off of him and making him clean again.

Serialization began on May 26, 2007 and ended on September 26, 2009, the series has also been published in Newtype, Dengeki Hobby Magazine, and Figure Oh.As soon as Principal Gendo leaves the room, the children start playing: Asuka throws her wet towel at Shinji who bats it back to her using his broom, while Eva-01 cheers them on (Rei 2 keeps silently working), every time Gendo comes back into the room, they instantly stop and switch back to cleaning quietly.Suspicious, Gendo keeps opening the door to the classroom again and again with increasing frequency, each time the children playing when the door is closed and cleaning when its open.Shinji is then shown leaving a bathroom stall with an extremely pained expression.Shinji, Eva-01, Asuka, and Rei 2 are sweeping and mopping the classroom.

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