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Recent serious case reviews have concluded that social workers struggle to deal with hostile and intimidating parents.

Jim Wild explains why a national response is needed“I raised the issue in supervision that the man in the family was threatening.

Another common scenario that shows up repeatedly in case law involves union representatives who want to get new employees to sign on as union members.

If that new employee refuses to sign up, the representative or other members start intimidating or otherwise harassing that employee to get him to sign up.

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For instance, if an employee reports some illegal behavior of his or her employer, the employer likely knows that he cannot fire the employee.It left me feeling frightened and in fear of my life.“I took it up with my manager who thought I needed to toughen myself up if I wanted to stay in the work.He was more concerned I got my files up to date and that assessments had been completed within the timescales.We all develop our own coping or survival strategies but often these are inadequate.The real issue is why has so little been done to tackle what appears to be an increasing problem within child protection.

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