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Not long after the visit, the man posted this status on Facebook: "Almost just got shot in my own yard by Officer J. Yes, I have video but if I post it, it won't do anything but raise racial tensions." Partridge said it didn't take long for his cell phone to start blowing up with screen shots of the man's post.

He asked the police captain over the animal control officer to look at the video, which he did, and then got back to Partridge: "Chief,'' he told him, "It's not even close to what he said.

I pray David, that you get and understand grace, and that it will fill your life, and that grace of God will push away fear and all barriers of sin, and it will lead to righteousness and you’ll be free.

If God made us in the image of him than he is responsible.

I couldn’t agree more with what was said by Kerri, the solution is to remove the church, be real, face the issue with a rational mind.

To notice how something seemingly innocent has crippled your life, and then to go forward honestly trying to make it better is a huge part of life.

It all began, Partridge said, when the police department's animal control officer, who is a sworn police officer, responded to a call of a dog running at large.

The officer located the dog, and wanted to speak with the owner since it was at least the third time the officer had been called to the man's home on similar complaints. He's the animal control officer and he's a lying individual.

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