Importance of dating in relations

Leave something off the table and be indispensable to yourself!They’re just not that special and you’re not that desperate. You’re at a stage in life where whether you realise it or not, you can take care of you.You’re communicating that you have a disproportionate interest in them – How can you be willing to be and do so much off the back of a potential you’re hoping for but that they’re not living up to?You can communicate that you’re interested without being desperate and throwing your life and self respect away.The respectful person that knows their own mind, will recognise that the type of mutually fulfilling relationship they potentially want cannot work.

We’re putting our lives on hold to wait around for someone that asked for our number to call, relegating friends, family and even work into the background, open 24/7 like a Tesco superstore or 7Eleven, and we think it’s totally normal to explain and reexplain disrespect.

The only position for you in a relationship is to arrive to it as an equal party and remain equal.

You can only do this if you know yourself and don’t think that being yourself, having boundaries and saying NO is a danger to you having a relationship.

The opportunistic person will take you on a drive to Booty Call Town, or Periodical Ego Stroke Town, Passing Time Town, Rainy Day Option Town, Last Resort Town or even Abusive Town. Both sexes are looking for relationship partners that can hold their own, not doormats.

Doormats don’t get more dates, commitment, respect, happiness etc – they get people rubbing their feet in, putting themselves on a pedestal, not feeling like they have to commit, and being treated like an option.

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Communication plays an important role in every ones life.

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