Invalidating cache

Lock2 currently contains no flags, and Reserved flag bits must all be 0. to the Microsoft Direct X graphics kernel can be found in the CPU host aperture topic.

On x86/x64 today, we require that all GPUs support I/O coherency over PCIe in order to allow a GPU to read or write to a cacheable system memory surface and maintain coherency with the CPU.

This might have been a reasonable design back in the day, but nowadays the registry has several thousand objects in it, and a linear sequential search isn't really the best algorithm any more.

This query occurs every time you open the Toolbar menu from the taskbar, and stalling the UI thread for a few seconds makes baby message pump cry, so Explorer pulls a trick: It keeps a cache.² When Explorer needs to fill in the Toolbar menu, it checks its cache, and if the cache is present, it uses the values from that cache, on the theory that users do not frequently add or remove toolbars, so it's worth saving users a few seconds of thumb-twiddling every time they open the menu, even though it means that once or twice it shows stale information.

11th Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference May 4-8, 2015.

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COM component categories let a COM object registration declare what kind of object it implements.

The user mode driver will be responsible for handling proper synchronization with respect to direct CPU access.

In particular, a user mode driver will be required to support the following: calls.

With the allocation list going away, the video memory manager no longer has visibility into the allocations being referenced in a particular command buffer.

As a result of this, the video memory manager is no longer in a position to track allocation usage and to handle related synchronization.

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Programs that want to offer a list of "all objects which can do X" can ask the COM component category catalog¹ for all the objects that can to X, and it will give you the list.

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