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modified: sql/sql_per-file messages: sql/sql_Added enable/disable checks for all invalidate interface methods.

, mostly INSERT statements, around 5-10 rows per second. In 5-10 seconds when it will be time to process new data again the same lock up will happen. Query #2 is the updating of the post-processed data.

Once the cache rules are created and grouped, Scale Arc will add cache objects created by the select calls with the metadata value extracted from the column location.

When the application modifies data with the update or insert queries, Scale Arc will extract the metadata values from the column location.

In order to select alternative method of all sites update add this line to you blog file Starting from version 2.2 plugin works with Word Press 3.0 and higher only.

#At file:///export/home/thek/bzr/mysql-5.1-bug38551/ 2735 Kristofer Pettersson 2008-09-08 Bug#38551 query cache can still consume [very little] cpu time even when it is off.

Each item has a unique identifier that is used to query the data, making it a prime candidate for auto cache invalidation.

Auto cache invalidation can also be useful where point selects are prevalent but cannot be cached using the TTL-based method.

Platform: , with only difference in that the post-processed data is stored using separate INSERT and UPDATE queries rather than INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE.

My SQL configuration (on both the Debian 6 and 7 machines): Try to reduce the query cache size significantly.

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