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Introduction: IMAP, Gmail, and You IMAP is a mail protocol that allows continuous synchronization between a mail host and one or many clients; this is a Very Good Thing.For more on IMAP and why you should want to use it, see Google’s introduction, and the first part of this post at Techno Lawyer.2.5 If you need junk filtering enabled for your other, non-Gmail accounts in Mail, first get your Gmail account stable, and all of your messages downloaded/synchronized with the above settings. Part Three: Configuring mail on the i Phone If you setup your Gmail account on a recent (OS 1.1.3 or newer) i Phone using the built-in Gmail configurator, you’ll be in good shape.

2.4 Tell Mail to use Gmail’s folders for Sent, Drafts, Trash, and Junk mail. It may take quite a while to sync these folders between your Mac and the Gmail servers, depending on the number of messages there are to move, and the speed of your connection.Update 4: Step 1.1 is no longer necessary, due to updates in gmail.Update 3: Sounds like i OS4 addresses some of this with an archive/delete toggle for gmail, as pointed out in the comments. Update: This post is all about how to get messages to actually delete from gmail when you delete them in or on your i Phone, rather than having deleted messages saved in the archive, As Google Intended.The following are several different methods that should help you fix Connection to the Server Failed problem on i Phone or i Pad. Note: To avoid any data on your i Phone being lost, to back up all things is a must. Then, back to the Account & Passwords screen and add your account back.CONTENTS Solution 1: Reenter Password Solution 2: Move Email to Different Inbox Folder Solution 3: Change the Account Password Solution 4: Change Microsoft Exchange Security Settings Other Possible Solutions Sometimes this problem happened on your i Phone or i Pad after you changed your mail password on your computer or laptop. If possible, just try to select all the mails from the inbox that fail to open and move them to a temporary folder (or different folder) created on the server by right-clicking on the items and choose "Move to" option.

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