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Pretty much everything I don't like involves the dance scene: the biggest knock I have is for the frenetic choreography, which is far too fast and far too busy for the song, and not only does it not add anything, it actually is really distracting, especially for such a simple song.

It doesn't help that the other main issue I found - surprisingly to me, as I'm in no way a prude - was how uncomfortable I felt the more I watched Gaga dancing in the beige and black lingerie that may fit thematically but, along with the hairstyle and those shoulder/head horns this new non-judgmental race of awesome seems to have, she appears so thin it's almost worrying, and for some reason her near nakedness didn't bother me to see, it bothered me that somehow I couldn't help imagining myself similarly exposed, which is an odd reaction to have but there it was.

It's a great point and it sticks the landing flawlessly, but it also does some positive work on Lady Gaga's behalf, too: if you can name the last time Lady Gaga seemed to be having fun - and I mean real, silly fun, not the strategic, scripted fun of "Telephone" or "Alejandro" - since...well, The Fame Monster, then perhaps you've been paying more attention than I, because I hadn't seen the silly, relatable Gaga that reappears under grotesque makeup and pink Rapunzel wig since the "Love Game" days of lightning bolt face paint, platinum blonde hair and bluffin' with muffins.

(Really, Gaga, thank you so very very much for Katy Perry's explosive tits.Of course, Spears was subtle about it, subtlety being so fundamental to her image and style throughout her career; Gaga is of a vastly different school where subtlety stays locked up in a remote closet and only brought out on rare and strategic occasions, and then usually only as a means of amplifying her defining lack thereof.Gaga's musical references are so obvious and unsurprising that those of us familiar with pop music before Gaga (which we must remember much of her core audience is's unnerving to realize how young "young people" really are) can tire of her once the visceral excitement of the immediate rush wears off, and I can speak from experience.I sometimes have to remind myself of the reason I chose to name my great pop blogging adventure Vertigo Shtick, and thereby recall what it is - was?- about this 24 year old phenomenon that inspired the pop music renaissance that allowed for many of the artists and new releases that so fascinate me, aesthetically and critically, including Ke$ha, Robyn's great Body Talk trilogy, and, yes, to a significant extent, the comeback and continued career of my favorite pop star of all time, Britney Spears.

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I still think the triplet of Hitchcock references in "Bad Romance" look better than they translate ("want you in my Rear Window baby, you're sick" has been convincingly interpreted to mean one of two things, one significantly less work-safe than the other), but I liked the nerdy shout-out.

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  1. I'm scared to argue over the phone about this so I investigated my leads and found his profile to be deactivated but that still doesn't necessarily demonstrate his intentions on those sites.