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Daniel Radcliffe takes a stroll with his girlfriend Erin Darke on Monday afternoon (October 31) in New York City.

The 28-year-old actress, who has been dating Daniel since 2012, recently opened up about why she’s so grateful for their relationship after filming her show .

While Radcliffe and Darke became best friends only after they started dating, the actor says his own parents enjoyed a friendship that preceded their romance.

“My mom and dad were best friends before they started dating, and now they’ve been married for 30-something years,” says the former star. If you can get to a point where you’re dating or married to somebody you consider your best friend, that’s what will make it work.” One downside, of course, is the possibility of losing your bestie should the relationship fizzle. “So it’s worth the risk.” The feel-good rom-com proved to be a pleasant diversion for Radcliffe, whose next two films are considerably darker in tone, and required the application of grotesque prosthetics.

Big clues were given on social media that the two were edging, or even already involved, in a relationship as the footballer "liked" many of her photos and Instagram posts.

’ ” Darke said her character is in a relationship she “said yes to without really thinking about whether it was actually what she wanted,” which makes the actress all the more grateful to have a partner in Radcliffe.

And it’s something she, Camp and the rest of her costars happily have in common: “We’ve had conversations about how supportive the men in our lives are,” she shared.

“I just am constantly grateful for being raised in a time where I was taught to wait to be in a relationship until it was someone that makes you happy and respects you and supports you,” the actress told PEOPLE Now.

The upcoming Amazon Prime series, which also stars Anna Camp, is set in the late 1960s and revolves around three women who all work at the same magazine and are at different phases in their lives.

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