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Their characters, Oliver and Lily, respectively, dated toward the end of , entitled "No Sugar, Sugar," it was revealed that Mitchel's character Oliver had been hiding a diabetes diagnosis from his two best friends.However, Mitchel does not have diabetes in real life.According to Haley's Instagram bio, she's in the nursing field and met Mitchel when she was a student at Stephen F. The couple began dating in 2016 and bought a house together about a year ago.days with the cheese jerky shirt, Mitchel is also making headlines for posting a cryptic tweet.Vanilla Star (New York based denim brand), Hannah Montana merchandise She has served as an ambassador for STOMP Out Bullying.In 1998, she was seen in the FTD (Flower Delivery Company) commercial.Emily is currently starring in the hit series Young And Hungry. Okay, moving back to the topic, is Musso really back with Gia?

And as you know, paparazzi just can make a fuss about almost anything.While it’s always either Miley or Emily on the news and gossip rags, this time it is Mitchel Musso, our very own Oliver, who is making all the headlines after it was reported that the now actor-turned-singer is getting back together with ex girlfriend Gia Mantegna, whom he had left way back in 2011.We take a closer look at this gossip and evaluate the plausibility of this.Not in a You-and-I-are-Never-Ever-Getting-Back-Together way, but more like not-now-sort of way. And if you haven’t watched Hannah Montana or Suite Life or Phineas and Ferb, they are actually better than Game of Thrones! His parents are definitely proud that their son has reached great heights in the showbiz.And with a net worth of million, his future seems promising.

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