Is justin bieber dating demi lovato 2016

The singer, who recently released her latest single “Sorry Not Sorry,” is a big fan of MMA and will be singing the National Anthem before the Conor Mc Gregor/Floyd Mayweather fight on Saturday, August 21, according to TMZ.Lovato, 25, most recently dated MMA fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos.

Selena Gomez was 18 when she started dating Justin Bieber, and, over the subsequent years, the two were engaged in what can generously be classified as an “on-and-off relationship.” Though things cooled off about two or three years ago, even today—Gomez now 25—just when it seems like they are out of each other’s lives for good, they’ll show up at some piano bar where Bieber will serenade her, or one of them will comment on the other’s Instagram.

we really need a visual flow chart at this point—also adds further confusion to the love triangle, or rhombus.)Maybe Gomez and Bieber are collaborating on new music?

Maybe they just both really like this “joiful” breakfast place and ran into each other there unexpectedly?

Plus, Gomez herself has admitted she goes through a lot of phone numbers—as many major celebrities do—so it's unclear whether Bieber has her current one.

Gomez and Bieber came to a pretty ugly and public end for good last August, when the two argued in Bieber's Instagram comments about his flaunting his relationship with then-girlfriend Sofia Richie, and then lashing out against fans criticizing Richie.

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