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The Grants formed alliances with other clans in to keep their lands safe.One clan they are particularly associated with is the Macgregors.Being of "good" family and well educated, he became the agent and coorespondent of the Governors of South Carolina.

Ludovick Grant, a laird's son who originated in Creichie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, escaped a death sentence after being captured while fighting for the Jacobite army during the battle of Preston in 1715.Some historians believe that the Grant and Macgregor clans are part of the Soil Alpin, and descended from King Alpin, but this has not been proven.Many Macgregors settled on Grant lands after their clan was declared outlaw.The Grants appeared in Scotland around the middle of the thirteenth century. In 1296 at the Battle of Dunbar, John and Randolph de Grant were taken prisioner. It was around the same time that the Grants acquired the land at Glenmoriston and Glen Urquhart which they still have.They acquired lands in Stratherrick through the marriage of a member of the family to the daughter of Sir John Bisset. Robert the Bruce's victory confirmed the Grant holdings in Strathspey and they were now established as Highland chiefs.

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Richard, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was called "Magnus" in Latin charters.

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