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When those obsessive thoughts come up, snap the band and replace your obsessive thought of your ex with a different thought (which you planned in advance).

Your replacement thought should be something that makes you feel good, and can range from “Which three pairs of shorts should I take on my Mexican vacation?

It takes energy and dedication at first, but you can stop the obsessive thoughts about the person you lost – you can let go of someone you love.

Another important thing to remember when you’re learning how to stop obsessing is that you are not alone.

Instead of raking myself over the coals, I tell myself that I’m not a dog and I refuse to go back to my own vomit…and I then think “…” and I move on.

This is a very practical, effective tip on how to stop obsessing about what happened.

You haven’t found life – or you haven’t found a way to stay connected to His source of life and healing.

Learn how to grieve, and what to expect during the grieving process. We must grieve all the losses we experience – even the seemingly trivial losses, such as our favorite quilt or a beloved dog or cat.

These seven simple, effective tips on how to stop thinking about your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend will help you overcome obsessive thoughts. You can stop ruminating about the past – and you can rebuild your life, renew your heart, and restore your joy!

The most important thing to remember is that you’re caught in a destructive, habitual thought pattern.

I feel like I’m going through my days as half a person, with nothing ahead of me but regrets about what might have been…do I stop my thoughts?

” ~ from my article on healing your heart without relationship closure. Here, I combined both practical and emotional tips on how to stop obsessing and restore your joy in life.

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I encourage you to try different things until you find what works for you. It just takes time to grieve and move forward with your life. I recently read by Patrick Lane, about his journey through addiction and recovery.

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