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And I’m fascinated by the fact that, although everything else is cherry picked from the short stories and the novels, Blackwood isn’t, and I think what that allowed the film to do was create whatever we wanted, which is even kind of more outlandish perhaps than anything you’d find in the novels.

But he embodies Victorian and that whole kind of Imperial feel of showmanship that the Victorians are famous for.” .

After a string of ritualistic murders, Holmes and Watson arrive just in time to save the latest victim and uncover the killer: Lord Blackwood.

Joking and having a jolly good time, the Holmes' contingent thoughtfully recalled the first time they became aware of Sherlock Holmes, Ritchie explained why he wanted to do the film and if he's now a Hollywood director, Jude Law talked about filming at home in England and Robert Downey, Jr.

Actors such as Basil Rathbone and John Barrymore have given amazing performances in films considered "classic" Sherlock Holmes.

The case of which motion picture is really the best cinematic adaptation of Holmes' tale took center stage this past winter when visionary English filmmaker Guy Ritchie joined up with Robert Downey, Jr.

and Jude Law for a re-imagining of the classic story in the Joel Silver/Susan Downey-produced In his version of Holmes life and antics, Ritchie gives viewers a peek at a gritty, raw, paranormal and never-before-seen 1800's London underworld, and Robert Downey Jr.

takes movie-goers beyond the legendary reputation of the brilliant sleuth and puts his spin on the quick-witted, bare-knuckled detective, Sherlock Holmes. Watson (Law) are unequaled in their capturing of criminals.

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