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I couldn’t meet my friends in peace and my every movement was monitored.The whole situation made it easier for me to draw further away from you, since I was already falling out of love. I wanted to drive my Prado without worrying about fuel, enjoy fancy restaurant, splurge on shopping.Dave and I started seeing each other in the third year of our marriage, after we met at the home expo where I had an exhibition stand.It started very innocently, with him wanting to get more information about our company, which led to him getting my cell number.The best you ever did, was when you bought me a Prado for our one-year wedding anniversary. I am a beautiful woman, and you have always been wary of the attention that I get.When the authorities seized your assets and froze your accounts for tax evasion, my life was shattered. Your sulking and anger out bursts did very little to help. However your increased insecurity and possessiveness stifled me.Unfaithfulness is a common problem, but people like to think of it as something that men do and women endure.

I understand you feel that I embarrassed you to the neighbours with my wailing the other day when you were throwing me out of our house.

When I was offered a much-needed vacation by Jim, whom we met through friends, I couldn’t turn it down. I bet you thought that when I aired my concerns and you gave me one of your many sweet talks, I got over it. I started responding to all the guys who inboxed me, both strangers and familiar faces. After a while I got bored and downloaded a free dating application to increase my possibility of meeting the perfect candidate to use in my ploy to hurt you.

That’s when I lied to you that I joined a women’s business association which was taking us to various countries for benchmarking. I was happy to remain ignorant and accept your presents as you tried to hide your guilt, but when you started sneaking into the neighbour’s house, I knew I wasn’t going to remain your doormat anymore. It all come full circle when I told you that I am leaving you for another man. I know how your thick eyebrows twitch when you are angry and I could see you struggling to contain your emotions.

I’m sorry that you had to find out about my love affair because of the pregnancy; I was not trying to be malicious by telling you that I’m expectant yet we both know we have not had sexual relations in a long while.

That’s when I realised how much I had been craving for that baby; I let my excitement take me.

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