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Or is it just a fantasy that they play out in their mind without thinking of any of the realities?

Still, he keeps talking about a Caprice wagon that he keeps seeing for sale.

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Sex diffuses human energy and distracts the mind like no other activity.

People striving for excellence in many walks of life often find sexual abstinence essential.

This is especially true of those striving for spiritual perfection, since sex rivets one to bodily consciousness.

I mean, if my man had to choose between a nicer small car and a larger clunker i'd be perfectly fine with the clunker....i's quite the conundrum Yup.

We require all sorts of special things...replacement of broken things.

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  1. We still want all three parts in our lives (notice the “want” there and not “need” – except for the internet), we just know there are cheaper ways to go about it if you harness creativity and newfangled technology.