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The first level of 8 metres (26 ft) contained Upper Levalloiso-Mousterian remains with long and triangular Lithic flakes.The level above this showed industries accounting for all six stages of the Upper Paleolithic.Studies by Hooijer showed Capra and Dama were dominant in the fauna along with Stephanorhinus in later Levalloiso-Mousterian levels.It is believed to be one of the earliest known sites containing Upper Paleolithic technologies.Berytus was considered the most Roman city in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire.It was one of four Roman colonies in the Syria-Phoenicia region and the only one with full Ius Italicum (meaning: exemption from imperial taxation).

Phoenicia was a cosmopolitan centre for many nations and cultures.

Artifacts recovered from the site include Ksar Akil flakes, the main type of tool found at the site, along with shells with holes and chipped edge modifications that are suggested to have been used as pendants or beads.

These indicate that the inhabitants were among the first in Western Eurasia to use personal ornaments.

These cities were centers of the pottery, glass, and purple dye industries; their harbors also served as warehouses for products imported from Syria, Persia, and India.

They exported cedar, perfume, jewelry, wine, and fruit to Rome.

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who organized it as a satrapy (though many Phoenician colonies continued their independent existence - most notably Carthage.) The Persians forced some of the population to migrate to Carthage, which remained a powerful nation until the Second Punic War.

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