Liquidating a company to avoid tax

Some directors just leave the company “die a death” that is, they fail to file annual returns and allow the Companies Registration Office (CRO) to strike off the company.

In general there are there are two ways a company can be dissolved – by strike-off and by liquidation – with strike-off being more straightforward and relatively cheaper.A director of the company then requests the CRO to strike off the company by sending a completed Form H15 to the CRO together with the letter of no objection from the Revenue Commissioners and the full newspaper page where the advertisement appears.It can take a few months for the strike off process to be completed and the company will be asked on two separate occasions whether it still wishes to be struck off.This includes all classes of creditors, including employees and unsecured trade creditors.Creditors of the company are entitled to join a Committee of Inspection who meet with the liquidator during the course of the liquidation to receive updates and to approve certain courses of action as proposed by the liquidator.

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