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Rædwald willingly received him, and promised to perform what was asked of him.” The “powerful persecutor” was Æthelfrith, the reigning Northumbrian king.Æthelfrith contacted Rædwald, and attempted to bribe him into murdering Edwin, but to no effect: “He sent a second and a third time, offering a greater bribe each time, and, moreover, threatening to make war on him if his offer should be despised.Aldwulf, king of that same province, who lived in our time, testifies that this temple had stood until his time, and that he had seen it when he was a boy.” (‘HE’ II, 15).It was Rædwald's renunciation of Christianity which prompted Bede to call him “noble by birth, though ignoble in his actions”.Sæberht, king of the East Saxons, had also been baptized under Æthelberht's auspices, but rather more successfully than Rædwald. Following the deaths of these Christian kings, there was a temporary return to paganism in Kent and Essex.Rædwald provided sanctuary for the fugitive Edwin (son of Ælle, former king of Deira), who, according to Bede (‘HE’ II, 12), had: “wandered for many years as an exile, hiding in divers places and kingdoms, and at last came to Rædwald, beseeching him to give him protection against the snares of his powerful persecutor.There were many treasures loaded there, adornments from distant lands; I have never heard of a more lovely ship bedecked with battle-weapons and war-gear, blades and byrnies; in its bosom lay many treasures, which were to travel far with him into the keeping of the flood.

571, declares categorically: “Wuffa reigns in East Anglia.” Then, s.a.East Anglia – the kingdom of the East Angles – enjoyed a brief period of supremacy, under Rædwald, at the beginning of the 7th century.At the end of the 8th century East Anglia was under Mercian control, but, in the aftermath of a resounding West Saxon victory over Mercia in 825, the East Angles recovered their independence.In late 869, however, following their killing of King Edmund, the Vikings became the masters of East Anglia.The last Viking king of East Anglia was killed in 917, as Edward the Elder, king of Wessex, fought to reclaim England from the Scandinavian interlopers.

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