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Shortly after this Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded her own camp known as Camp Shriver, Camp Shriver started out much like Timberlawn, a welcoming place for those with intellectual disabilities to come play but in 1964, Camp Shriver was expanded to include sports.

Prior to these camps, those with intellectual disabilities were not allowed to play sports as it was believed that that sort of activity would be harmful to their health.

In 1839, Fokke Yntes Kingma was only interested in the education of those with mild intellectual disabilities as he felt that they would be able to return to a typical school with other children their age. Van Koetsveld was “interested first and foremost in social education: making retarded children fit for domestic association” (Weijer).

Though it was proven that through education children with intellectual disabilities were making improvements, they were doing so inside of boarding schools and inside of asylums.

Throughout history individuals with intellectual disabilities have been seen as people who are less than human, and as a consequence have been treated as though they are less than human.

Individuals with intellectual disabilities have been sent and locked away, left without proper health care, and hidden from the general public because of fear, and a lack of knowledge about their various disabilities (Weijers).

One of the more prominent families at this time, the Kennedy family, had a member with an intellectual disability that they kept hidden as well.

It was after the announcement of this family member that there was a change in how those with disabilities were treated and viewed.

With this slight step towards the acceptance of those with disabilities, movements worldwide towards acceptance began to rise as well such as educational opportunities, better living conditions, and day camps.

Though they all agreed that education was crucial in helping those with various special needs, they differed in how they felt it should be achieved.

As well as differing in how they felt that education should and could be achieved for those with disabilities, professionals in the field of “mental retardation” had different opinions and feelings about how, why, and who would be able to be educated.

Rather than simply looking as those with disabilities as people that should be hidden away from society there was a shift towards thinking of them as people that required more help, especially in the field of education.

Social reformers, physicians, and educators were all working on ways to help the intellectually disabled.

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