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Some 99 wearying minutes later, I crossed out the question mark.Soderbergh is on record as seeing this as the antithesis of an Ocean’s movie, a point he later unsubtly underscores by having a newsreader refer to the ‘Ocean’s 7-11 heist’.Rating: Four years ago, Steven Soderbergh, the American film-maker who became rich and famous thanks to the likes of Magic Mike and the Ocean’s trilogy, caused much Hollywood wailing and gnashing of perfect, peroxide-bleached teeth when he announced he was retiring as a director of feature films.So there was great excitement when he recently confirmed he was returning to film-making and doubly so when it was revealed that not only would Logan Lucky be a heist movie very much in the tradition of the hugely popular Ocean’s films, but that it would also star Daniel Craig – 007 himself – as a bottle-blond safe-blower from the American South. Watching the result, however, you’re left with the distinct impression that while Soderbergh may have physically turned up on set, he actually didn’t come out of retirement at all. Yes, it has a few funny moments and one or two nice lines, but this is an unfinished-feeling picture that stubbornly refuses to burst into life and certainly never acquires that rollicking momentum that made the Ocean’s films such fun. ’ I optimistically scribbled in my notebook after 20 minutes.The mysterious ‘Schafer’ (Domhnall Gleeson pictured below) has busted him for a little sideline in smuggling cigars for Cuban emigrés, so to avoid losing his job and possibly a spell in jail, the least Barry can do is agree to run photographic reconnaissance missions over Central America. It’s never quite clear, but they certainly turn a very blind eye as, very soon, Barry is making more cash than he knows what to do with.But when he runs out of fuel the wrong side of the border, he is bundled up by thugs working for what will soon be known as the Medellin cartel. At his new home in Arkansas – apparently paid for by the CIA and complete with its own airport – he has it stuffed into suitcases, wardrobes and even buried in the garden.

He hangs out with most of his co-stars like Emma Watson; but not fond of dating and relationships anymore, I believe.

The gang may finally be all here but the film, with its obvious echoes of the Coen brothers’ O, Brother Where Art Thou? It’s not clever enough, funny enough or quick enough – the pace slowed by laboured comic cameos from the likes of a particularly tiresome Seth Macfarlane as an arrogant British racing driver and Hilary Swank as an FBI detective.

Things get progressively less interesting as the robbery appears to go wrong, and by the time we learn what actually happened, I no longer cared nor properly understood. Rating: American Made (15) is a difficult film to warm to.

Upon interviewing, the young actor spoke about how he is always caught up with important activities and didn’t even have time for himself as well.

So, here we go, we got a reason why he is out there living a single life.

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