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For all those 50 Shades readers out there, this is not what you think.

‘Love contracts’ and policies on romantic relationships in the workplace however are, like the book, becoming more prolific and mainstream.

As a firm, we are often instructed to conduct internal investigations and called in as an external, independent party to a company to investigate potential malpractice either before or after a regulator has got involved.

If you always transfer the junior employee (who is statistically more likely to be female) to another department as a solution however, then you are at risk of them bringing an indirect sex discrimination claim. It is good practice to have an Equal Opportunities policy and an Anti-harassment and Bullying policy in your Staff Handbook.

It is also good practice to run anti-sexual harassment training on an annual basis and ensure that all your employees attend and sign a training sheet confirming that they have done so.

In the course of these investigations, previously unknown relationships between employees often come to light.

Unknown relationships in the workplace, between junior and senior members of staff particularly, can be risky from an HR perspective, so it is best to create a culture in which these relationships are disclosed to management or HR and the right protective systems can be put in place.

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