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That is the cooperation that we have had so far,” he explained.Babandede said government’s aim was to put in place what he called e-government.Babandede said the decision was taken as part of the Federal Government’s efforts to ease the process of doing business in the country.He said thenceforth, there would be no need for individuals to have their biometrics captured by the NIS and NIMC separately.Draft legal language would have banned “any posture, including foreign, religious or self-made” during the anthem.

In the text of the law, the National People’s Congress (NPC)—controlled, as is everything in China, by the Communist Party—insists the regulation is necessary to “promote patriotism and nurture socialist core values.” In addition to banning the use of the anthem in commercials, it prevents Chinese people from playing the anthem at funerals and criminalizes not standing up and singing the anthem when played in public.

“We must make persistent efforts, press ahead with indomitable will, continue to push forward the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and strive to achieve the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” Xi said in 2013.

“Socialism with Chinese characteristics” has become all but a national motto, enforced with particular rigor in parts of the country facing separatist movements.

“The NIMC has allowed immigration workers to work in their offices.

So, anybody who is coming to claim Nigerian citizenship, they will help to identify that citizen.

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