Mandating refundable deposits on hazardous materials

Agreements with qualified independent contractors to provide consulting and other services.

List of persons to whom motor vehicle registrations issued to be provided to Commissioner of Revenue Services. Uninsured motor vehicle forfeiture revolving account.

Department closed or unable to perform transactions due to emergency or other reason.

Reassignment of employee with disqualifying criminal offense or condition.

Collection of Social Security numbers and federal employer identification numbers. Forfeiture of impounded motor vehicle; proceedings; proceeds from sale.

Courtesy registration when proof of ownership pending.

Verification by Chief State's Attorney of statements on application for such certificates and licenses.

Issuance and renewal of collegiate special number plates. Criminal background checks for applicants for employment with department and certain department employees. Disclosure of personal information and highly restricted personal information. Penalties for failure to have or continuously maintain required security or for presentation of fraudulent insurance identification card. Presumption of failure to file insurer name and policy number; offset of suspension periods. Notice of voiding or suspension of registration or operator's license; reregistration or reinvestment; proof of financial responsibility.

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Number plates for manufacturers of motor vehicles or automotive equipment.

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