Married men use online dating services

Tentatively at first, then with gathering conviction, she begins to accept this gift from the universe—a man who seems to want nothing more than to take care of her. When he offers one day to pick her up from work, she recalls, "Nobody had ever picked me up or cared how I'd get home, so I happily accepted." Ten days into the most satisfying relationship of her life, a friend confronts her with the fact that she knows next to nothing about him. Why hide the wedding ring and go after single women, knowing you're just going to break their hearts?When she asks him if there's anything he needs to tell her, he bursts into tears and reveals that he's married, with one child already and another on the way. Some married men who make believe they're single online are like compulsive gamblers borrowing money to use at the gambling table, knowing they'll never be able to pay it back. As with compulsive gambling, some men have an insatiable need to win.Rosemary Counter's recent first-person account, "A Craigslist Missed Connection Lure," in the "Modern Love" section, is a pretty good example of how deeply irrational these things can be.She meets a man through Craigslist who treats her better than any man has ever treated her.Oh well, it was obviously a dumb thing to do anyway.I was unceremoniously dumped by my husband of 20 years a few months ago.It's especially painful when fate takes a woman for whom "nobody had ever picked me up or cared how I got home," and matches her with a man who can't stop acting out some horrible unconscious story of heartbreak from his own troubled past.

Your wife might be engaging in that behavior too - would be interesting to see how you would feel, then subsequently react to the very same behavior that you engaged in.

Give them something good, like a marriage or a young woman's open heart, and they'll wreck it.

We mental health professionals have lots of theories why—early emotional abuse, neglect, too few good role models, too many bad ones.

© Stephen Snyder MD York [email protected] am How do you know that "these women chew up and spit out men on a regular basis" if you "don't contact any women, nor (do I) respond to any women that contact (me) and (I) would never go out on an actual date with any of them." If your claim that you have never had any actual contact/interaction with the women on the dating site is true, then upon what basis do you make the claim that they are "f'd up"?

My first reaction to your post was "well they can't be anymore "f'd up" than someone who misrepresents their intentions by posting a dating profile who is A. Has no intention of actually having any interaction.

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