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In fact, 69 percent of Generation Z would rather have their own workspace than share it with someone else. Digital Natives vs Digital Pioneers Forty percent of Generation Z said that working Wi-Fi was more important to them than working bathrooms. Generation Z did not witness these innovations, but rather, they were born into it.

Ubiquitous connectivity, highly curated global information, on-demand video, and 24/7 news cycles are native to Generation Z. Private vs Public Seventy percent of Generation Z would rather share personal information with their pet than with their boss.

Equipped with their experience communicating using full sight, sound, and motion over Skype, Face Time, Snapchat, etc., Generation Z is positioned as the ideal generation to finally strike the right balance between online and offline workplace communications. On-Demand Learning vs Formally Educated Seventy-five percent of Generation Z say there are other ways of getting a good education than going to college, according to Sparks & Honey.

Millennials are questioning if their large student debt was worth it, especially considering that 44 percent of recent college grads are employed in jobs not requiring degrees and one in eight recent college grads are unemployed. They will pursue on-demand or just-in-time learning solutions, like how-to You Tube tutorials, or will seek employers that offer robust on-the-job and development training. Role-Hopping vs Job-Hopping Seventy-five percent of Generation Z would be interested in a situation in which they could have multiple roles within one place of employment.

In the first study, published in 2015 in the journal Developmental Science, the experimenters gave 48 5-year-olds increasingly challenging problems that required them to use their skills of control and self-inhibition.

They were then told to ask themselves, Is Batman [or whoever they were playing] working hard?As digital pioneers, Millennials explored (and in some cases exploited) social media and made public their thoughts, opinions, and every noteworthy or menial life update.With safety and security top of mind, Generation Z will be much more calculated and/or selective with the information they share online.According to Pew Charitable Trusts, during the Great Recession, the median net worth of Generation Z's parents fell by nearly 45 percent. Independent vs Collaborative Seventy-one percent of Generation Z said they believe the phrase "if you want it done right, then do it yourself." When given the option to arrange a group of desks, Millennials would opt for a collaborative arrangement and assemble the desks into a circle.Generation Z will be more competitive with their colleagues and will harness a do-it-yourself mentality at work. adults had access to the Internet in 1995 but by 2014 87 percent had access. They witnessed the introduction and rise of social media, instant messaging, smartphones, search engines, and the mobile revolution.

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