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My mind circled back to my last three girlfriends, and I realized in horror that we all wear the same bra size. The next morning, I explained the concept of twin fuckers to a straight friend of mine who thinks all things queer are wildly fascinating (unlike my gay friends who usually yawn and roll their eyes when I try to break down the obscurities I observe within our community). Lauren Costine, author of one of my favorite books, “Lesbian Love Addiction”. Costine explains that generalizing twin fuckers as narcissists is a “complicated situation.” “It does not mean that there is no narcissism — many people in our community suffer from narcissist traits due to our collective trauma (which can be helped by healing the trauma).

Not only do I go after women with the same boob size as me, but my last three girlfriends have all had the similar shade of chocolate-brown hair. As expected, she was intrigued, giving me all the undivided attention I crave. I discovered her through my favorite podcast “The Mental Illness Happy Hour,” which probably gives you some insight into my constant obsession with disease and mental health. But looking alike is not a sign of narcissism per se – more a sign of all the things I just discussed,” Dr. So, I still could be a narcissist because I’m definitely a traumatized gay (what gay isn’t?

On the podcast, she candidly discussed why lesbians are at such effing high risk for it. I didn’t even need to take the shot or snort the white powder because I already felt tanked from my feels for this girl. And being away from each other was a withdrawal like nothing I had ever experienced.

It Women are also wired to connect to others, because this improves our chances of surviving in hostile environments.

In other words, we seek relationships because our brains are wired to need them.

This explains, in part, why two women might be more inclined to connect more quickly than men traditionally do.

Costine says it isn’t healthy to morph into one being, as so many of us gays are inclined to do.

I mean, what lesbian hasn’t found her identity blurred when she’s in love (at least once)? “It is very healable, thankfully, and with the help of a qualified therapist or community resources, an LGBTQ person can stop unconsciously merging with new partners or the couple can learn how to un-merge in a healthy way.” Dr. Subscribe to Elite Daily’s official newsletter, The Edge, for more stories you don’t want to miss. It’s a very real thing, and, like any addiction, it can really screw up our fragile little lives.

I didn’t even need to think about what he meant by “twin fucker” for a hot second.Rather, he thinks unshaven cubs are the definition of sexy, and he wants to look like the definition of sexy, too. Maybe I keep my hair chocolate brown because I find dark hair to be sexy, and I want to fit my own definition of attraction?I couldn’t help but think Owen’s quick denial could possibly be rooted in his own deflection of his own narcissistic tendencies. Maybe we’re just both two good people trying to find a soul that we can goddamn connect with, and our tendency to twin fuck is direct evidence of precisely that. They’re the couples who are so alike, they sound exactly the same, they dress exactly the same and essentially morph into the same person. Costine explains that this is more about losing your own identity when you’re in the throes of the “infatuation phase” of a relationship.We incessantly make fun of her for dating her mirror-image all the time. When I called her the other day, I couldn’t tell if I was speaking to Natalie or Natalie’s girlfriend, so I avoided using names altogether.Natalie’s last girlfriend looked so much like her, in fact, strangers assumed they were twins. That night, I went to bed scared I actually might a twin fucker myself. Needing answers, I spoke with licensed clinical psychologist Dr.

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