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That's why sharing your dating stories with others of your kind is so important... And to make it easier, it will be completely anonymous. Butthole commenters—people who troll, use overly foul language, purposefully start fights, go off topic, or threaten—are not allowed.

by realizing that we're all in the same dating boat, it makes the disappointments that much easier to take. If you see such a comment, hit the report button and, if it falls into the above category (not just something you disagree with), we’ll delete it as soon as possible.

They may appear to be in the wrong location, or just a little deformed. This phenomenon occurs when foreground matter and dark matter contained in galaxy clusters bend the light from background galaxies — sort of like looking through the bottom of a wine glass.

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Now do the same thing, but block the larger hole as you hold the paper up to the light.

With no light coming from the "sun" at the center of the paper, it's much easier to see the little "stars" that surround it.

Cut a large hole at the center of the paper, approximately the size of a half-dollar coin, then prick tiny holes around it.

If you hold the paper up to the light, you probably won't be able to see the small holes very well.

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The same concept would produce a visible effect with starlight passing by the sun, Einstein suspected.

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