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No, I would rather NOT live in NYC, unless if there were plain no other options-- just brought that up because I took a trip there recently and it's an example of how everywhere is not all the same. What I'm interested in learning, is compared to where I'm living now, and compared to other choices of places I could move to, would Phoenix be in improvement, the same, worse, or just different?

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similar with the dating market-- wouldn't you expect? I have a lot of things going for me, and some things working against me, some of which I can improve on, some which I have no control over.

The positives: I'm well educated, have a great career going for me, above average income for someone my age, great at one-on-one conversations, I've been told by many that I have a great sense of humor, very mature for my age, etc.

From my personal experiences and from people I'd know, as well as from reading past C-D threads, I would say, compared to NYC, Denver has a MUCH greater ratio of single men to single women (some have called it "Menver"-- most bars here are 75% dudes, it seems like), people in Denver get married at a much earlier age, and people in Denver who grew up here tend to make friends & date within well established social circles/ cliques that go back to college, high school, and before.

Seems like practically everybody I know here is married/engaged/in a relationship, and they met while they were in college, or through friends of friends.

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For the most part, mediocre American diet and no exercise leaves many overweight, just like other cities in America.

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